At Karma Surf School we offer surf lessons following a holistic concept of QUALITY, SKILLS, DETAILS and PASSION for what you LOVE doing most - TEACH SURFING.

We deliver safe and fun surf lessons with highest quality standard to adults and kids 5 years old and above. Special rates for families, couples, groups and corporate events available on request.

Whether you would like to learn how to surf or further improve your surfing skills (intermediate - advanced surfers), we got you covered with the right surf lesson concept and surf equipment.



All teachers are fully qualified (FPS/ISA), hold ocean-lifesaver license and follow and teach all necessary safety precautions.


Its all about fun, love for the ocean and a good laugh in good company. Surfing is fun all the way and you'll enjoy every minute of it for sure!


Small groups and student-teacher ratio of max. 4:1 ensure high quality surfing lessons with maximum individual attention.


Because we just love surfing and being in the water, we put all our passion into teaching you. You will feel the difference!



SAFETY FIRST. All surf instructors are experienced in teaching how to surf and fully licensed (FPS, ISA, ASI), including beach life-saver certificate.

We have vast knowledge of the local area and will only give beginners lessons in suitable surf conditions like waist deep water and small and easy broken waves (whitewater) perfect for progressing and having fun enjoying the sun, beach and waves.

group lesson surf instructor karma surf school

tailored surf lessons karma surf school lisbon


TAILORED. Our surf lessons are structured, tailored to individual needs with personal training goals and support of video analysis:

  • beginners (learn how to surf, practice surfing whitewater waves)
  • intermediates (surf small waves, learn basic maneuvers)
  • advanced surfers (surf big waves, train more radical maneuvers)

Surf lessons are specifically designed to teach you to surf at your own pace in a relaxed environment to build further self-confidence so you can continue in the sport of surfing and feel confident in the water.


SAFE & FUN. Kids surf lessons are adapted to the needs of the little ones. Its about being safe, having fun in the water and learn how to surf. Depending on the age and surf conditions, our especially kids friendly and patient surf instructors usually take only take up to 2 kids into the water and have a close eye on each one of them. Surf lessons for kids usually are designed to alternate between beach and water exercise / games in order not to loose the kids attention and let them learn how to surf in their own pace and built up confidence playing with the waves and having fun.

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YOU SURF. We can almost guarantee, that at the end of one week of surf course, you will be able to take-off and surf a whitewater (broken), even a small green (unbroken) wave, standing up like a real surfer. Also intermediate and advanced surfers will most likely achieve what they came for.  Years of experience in teaching, elaborated teaching techniques, individual goal setting and instant feedback, as well as video analysis will ensure you will have the best possible learning success in achieving your individual goals. Especially video analysis has proven to be highly effective, because posture-, motion-or timing-flaws as seen from the spectators view are 5x easier to correct for the student.



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TRUST & PASSION. Our fully legally and by FPS acknowledged surf school already successfully operates for years making clients happy. Being a mobile surf school we hold licences to teach surfing at various beaches along the south and west coast of Cascais (Lisbon area) and south-west Algarve around Sagres.

Last but not least, we are all truly passionate for surfing, happy to share and just love to put smiles on peoples faces.


SUITABLE VARIETY. As a mobile surf school in Lisbon area and Algarve we are dedicated to high quality surf lessons and finding the best, safe and most fun wave daily. We have over 10 different surf spots at our fingertips in between (max.!) 1hr driving range to deliver the ultimate learn to surf experience.

The surf spot will be chosen just in time according to group skill level and local surf conditions. At the beach there will be a designated surf corridor marked and by beachflags in order for the group not to interfere with other surf schools or regular beach users / bathing guests.


surfboards surf equipment  included


QUALITY & CHOICE. All surf equipment needed is top notch and will be provided. In beginners courses, due to safety reasons, soft surfboards with leashes will be used. In intermediate and advanced surfing lessons we also provide hard- and performance boards.

Every participant wears a wetsuit and a lycra that identifies the participant belonging to the Karma Surf School group. If you have your own surfing gear, feel free to bring it (from March to October a 3×2 mm thick wetsuit is convenient and a 4x3mm is snuggling cozy).




Beginners surf lessons
usually have less than 16 participants (mid-sized group), always making sure everyone gets full attention by maintaining a student teacher ratio of 4:1.

Intermediate surf lessons hardly have more than 4 participants (small group) and for advanced surfers we recommend private lessons (1:1).

Surfers of all levels always can opt to book private surf lessons, getting ALL the attention and (1:1) personal coaching.

group size beginner surf lesson


Meeting up 10:30 a.m.

Arrival at surf spot meeting point / beach parking.

Getting ready ~ 20 mins

Unloading the van, handing out surf material and getting suited up.

Lesson Start: Safety, Warm-up, on-land excercise ~ 20 mins

Safety briefing, some theory, warm-up, exercises on the beach, individual goal setting

In-water exercise ~ 75 mins

Take-off and surf attempts, instant feedback, short breaks for rest or individual coaching.

End of Lesson: Recap and packing up ~ 20 mins

Recap / feedback round on goals reached, return to van, load material, getting dressed.

Taking off 13:00 a.m.

Farewells, good-bye kisses, scheduling of next lessons, (optional) shuttle to hotel


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